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{001} the angels have the phone box

friends only; allons-y!

Generally I post about the ups and downs of daily life, working out (or not working out), vet tech school woes, travels, adventures, and work, with many pictures included! I love meeting new people, so feel free to drop me a line and say hello!

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Adding you! ♥♥

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

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Is it weird that I'm excited (probably more than you) that you make a new journal!!? to me that feels like moving house and get new IKEA furnitures!

sdlkfjdslkjfdslfjsdl - can't you see how excited I am!!

i feel like writing all in caps lock but cap locks hurts my eyes in the morning!!!!

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Bwahaha! I'm excited that you're excited (and I am excited about having a new journal; I don't know why... it feels FRESH haha). I NEED SOME IKEA FOR THIS LJ~

Aalsdkjfaksdfj! <-- KEY MASHING NECESSARY. I'm starting to get my second wind for the day.

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Totally, we should go furniture hunting.. or in this case, layout hunting! you got one good one yet? Man, I know~ I get excited over fresh things. fresh tomatoes, fresh juice. FRESH LIVEJOURNAL!!

are you deleting your old one? you should keep it~ you'll go back and read your journals when you're old and be all like, ooh, i was such a lame child back then~ well, at least that is what i would say when i read my journals... and that's now. imagine what i would say when i'm zhe senior citizen kane

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Yus! What are your favorite layout communities? I haven't done much searching yet, but I want something .... FRESH! (!!) Fresh juice is good too. Fresh fruit. I'm hungry.

I am keeping the old one to remind myself of former idiocy (and escapades!) ;) Hahaha I feel the same way when I go read my old journals. "I did WHAT?!?!" but it's always good to be reminded of those things, and it's usually amusing no matter what.

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well, I always loved airmilk and milou-veronica but I'm checking out a couple of layout communities & you know me, I never stick to one layout~ it's amazing this one layout i'm using now lasted this long.

anyway a few layout communities; sperme, refutare, mintypeach, minty-apple, barubaron, velvetb0x, palebird

and those are the ones I remember off the top of my noggin.

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I want to go furniture hunting!! :P Rhode Island does not have an Ikea (I don't think?) which is flat out LAME. O.o

When is LJ going to get a "like" button???

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I love trying out furnitures & not buying them. I find it quite satisfying. Yes, I am lame like that.

What, no IKEA in Rhode Island? That's...That is absurd! You should protest and then run for president

I agree, LJ totally should invest on a "like", a thumbs up and an "epic" button.

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I would "like" the "epic button" idea.

I always like going in furniture stores and admiring the pristine and fashionably decorated rooms they have set up. Then I want to take them all home, but let's face it, my house would never be that neat and pretty.

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We don't have one nearby either (that I know of... ) :( The closest one is in Ontario, and I think that's only an hour or two so not too bad. Went once and it was pretty rad!

Facebook will corrupt LJ's preferences sooner or later... it must! Mwahaha.

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Bahaha, I hear you there. I can't make up my mind on a layout for the life of me (which is why I'm using a generic one right now).

Whee! Thank you, I haven't heard of sperme (sperm... uhh) and I haven't looked at a couple of the others in quite a while. Win!

Thank you :D

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I want to see how long you will last on this generic layout before you go layout hunting~ haha! and it'll be just like the old days again where i visit your page and it'll be a different layout. hoho~

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Adding you :)

P.S. Love your new username!

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Thank you, love!

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Adding adding adding! ♥

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Hurrah! ♥

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I need to be hereeeee!

*knocks on the door hard, wailing 'let me in'*

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*does a dance*

Yay! The door is open, of course ;) There might even be cookies if the dogs settle down long enough to let me bake :P

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Helloo, adding you! *waves*

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Yay! Added, of course. :)

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Hi! Adding you here!

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Thank you! :)

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Add me please =p

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Definitely =D

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i somehow missed the entry about you moving here! and it was like a zillion years ago, too, haha.

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I made this journal a while ago but just started using it, so it's recent~! Adding you :)

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Added you! Like the new name. :)

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Thank you! :D

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I fully missed that you had moved! Adding you now :)

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Added! :)

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Hope you weren't trying to be rid of me, I found you :)

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No ma'am! I apologize for not messaging you - I was afraid people wouldn't see the post on the old journal, but I hadn't got around to it. I haven't spent a whole lot of time on LJ the past couple months but I'm going to try to be more active now that school's almost over!

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Hiiii, I just saw that you switched journals, adding you here if that's ok! (I sort of ignored lj for a while, whoops.)